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The FIRST LiveJournal Community for Edward Speleers

See Edward in "Eragon" this December 15, 2006!

Fans of "Eragon" actor, Edward Speleers
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Welcome to edwardspeleers! A community where fans of Edward can discuss him and his upcoming film, "Eragon"! This community was created by me, ilovemyhobbits and this is the FIRST Live Journal community for Edward.

So we hope you stick around and have fun!

Creator/Mod - ilovemyhobbits

[1.] Henry topics only! Please make sure all your topics are Edward related. Feel free to post photos, videos, interviews/articles and to talk about his movie.</u>!

[2.] LJ-CUTs please! If you are posting a large photo (larger than 425 pixels in width) or a long article, please place it behind an LJ-CUT. We don't want to eat any of our member's friends list.

To make an LJ-CUT, copy and paste this code:

[3.] NO childish or retarded posts allowed. As in coming in here to bash Edward. Also no retarded posts. (Example: OMG I LOVE EDWARD! HE IS MINE. BACK OFF. I'M HAVING HIS BABIES!)

[4.] Absolutely NO HOTLINKING Eating someone elses bandwidth is not nice. You can easily get a photo website server for free yourself. It will only take two minutes of your time to do so. You can get one at either: Photobucket or Image Shack

[5.] RESPECT FELLOW MEMBERS!! I think that says it all.

[6.] NO STEALING! Absolutely no stealing someone's icon or graphic without their permission. If you try stealing this community's banner or icon, you will feel my wrath!!!

[7.] And of course...have fun!!

E-mail me if you want to be affiliated with us. :)


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